The dharma that should know


    Do the goodness receives the usefulness, do the malignance receives bad.


    Do not injure oneself and others.


    Make benefit the self and others arrive at fully.


    Donate, or, sacrifice apportion give others, especially with the monk, person have the religious precept, that don't be a householder.


    Should observe the precepts 5 regularly (5 religious precepts have as follows).

         -1. Don't kill a human and all animal.

-2. Don't steal.

         -3. Do not make a mistake in the sexual desire (Do not make love with a child or, a wife of others).

         -4. Do not tell a lie.

         -5. Do not take drunk narcotic makes to lose one's senses.



      Heal the dharma, be heal a body and the mind are giving the morals, but, if, still think distress, give heal at the mind.



Dharma practice at the beginning, be,


      Stay in the symptoms that is self-control, Bow feeling throughout fully come to at a body and the mind,

      The commonsense realizes a body and the mind, appear, Then rest assured middle,

       Know arrive at the calmness and the happiness because, the gladness that appear,


This the starting point of dharma practice